Miss Popularity: 5 tips on how to please people

11/20/2016 - 20:53
Miss Popularity

"She is so charming", "her charisma!," "she is spirit of the company" - we are all enjoy to hear such words in our address. It turns out that even if you do not notice a talent to charm people at a glance, no different oratorical abilities and are prone to constant bouts of shyness, you have every chance to learn the art of conquering the surrounding location. Modern psychologists believe that the charm and charisma - is not a gift of nature, and qualities that can be developed, we need only perform simple guidelines. Many of these tips you may be familiar - they are often referred to in his writings various psychologists, experts in business communication, NLP master and guru of negotiations. Thinness is that necessary to use them in combination and to do so consistently. Do not try to change overnight - you are a living man with his habits, and transform from a shy prude star in the company you are unlikely to succeed overnight. Continue to use each of these techniques as if it were an exercise in the fitness room, with persistence and patience - and a few months you will feel that you are much easier to deal with the most difficult people, you have new pleasant acquaintances, and from former shyness has disappeared.

There is our 5 simple advices about the charming behavior

1. Call your interlocutor by his name

The fact that the human ear is not nothing better than the sound of his own name, also wrote the legendary Dale Carnegie. Do not neglect this simple but effective rule: as often as possible referring to the other party by name, you are bound to add yourself charm in his eyes, and your communication will be more enjoyable and easy. Tip Bonus: when meeting with a person specify exactly how to spell his name, and remember that just call someone from your friends or relatives - this simple technique to instantly arrange your interlocutor.

2. Smile

This advice from the series "The concept is simple," although sometimes, you see, it is not so easy to follow: often, trying to overcome the excitement, we represent on the face only unnatural stretched face, which hardly adds to our attractiveness. To smile really disarmed even the most skeptical companions, psychologists recommend imagining that you will be meeting with the best friend you have not seen for a year: the subconscious mind will automatically make you "turn" the most sincere and warm smile.

3. Follow the appearance

You can be a skilled speaker and enjoy with the stunning charisma, but if you have not shelled shoes, hair is a dirty bunch of hair, nails and cuticles gnawed to explicitly require the manicure; your chances will elicit sympathy negligible. Like it or not, we will meet each other on the clothes, and the first impression is forming during the first seconds of acquaintance with a man is that is, as a rule, before he has time to say "hello".

Never forget about compliments and the council

4. Compliments

Compliments are an art mastered that you can easily give people to feel the sincere sympathy to you. Try not to abuse clichés like "you look great" - they sound too impersonal and impress insincere flattery. This compliment should be targeted: for example, instead of simply to praise the look familiar, you should pay attention to a stylish accessory, impeccable selection of shoes, or the manner of combining colors.

5. The Council

The request for advice or council - is, in fact, the same compliment, but in a more sophisticated form. It is enough to start a conversation with a simple "I need your advice - you have impeccable taste," or "I trust only you, you are so well versed in this" - and you are guaranteed sympathy interlocutor. The reason is simple: we all love to feel their importance and to try on the role of experts, whose opinion is heard.