Father's Daughter

11/20/2016 - 20:52
Father's Daughter

The infamous city Sophocles Oedipus the king sent against the plague as a punishment for murdering of his father and married with his mother. Tragedy ends badly - in fact it is a tragedy - and the name of Oedipus in a couple of thousands of years to get one of the most popular concepts in psychoanalysis, the Oedipus complex. So we call all that is associated with sexual attraction and rejection between parents and children. Subsequently, there was one more term - Electra complex, indicating the attraction to the girl's father and her mother rivalry for his attention. The term suggested that Carl Jung - first a pupil and then a critic of Sigmund Freud - but Freud did not like the term. This theory, in which refers to the female penis envy, scary not like feminists, for obvious reasons. However difficult to deny the enormous influence of the fathers to daughter’s privacy .Fathers role in our destiny willingly argue psychologists. These articles refer to the king of peas, and a primitive society, and to the harsh Soviet past. Yet through them the general public to understand the importance of life scenarios laid down in childhood. Like, if the father was a drunkard, and the husband is so because another woman just a situation not perceive. And if you loved by Dad is hence, the husband should adore. American public, long familiar with Freud and with many other theories, knows by heart a few symptoms of how affected the love life of a woman or a father's absence. For example, the site returnofkings.com writes about five signs, determining that a man or a joy, with an awareness of the unique opportunity surrenders debauchery with a woman, or, if you want a stable relationship, run away immediately. Signs of this have nothing to do with research, but cite them as an illustration of what is happening in men in the head.

Here is a short list of such behavior

  • perverted sexual fantasies of incest;
  • any form of self-harm, including radical haircut "to spite the Pope";
  • overconfidence have spoiled girls fathers;
  • fear of the normal male behavior or attempting to fight with men;
  • anorexia nervosa among those whose fathers seized control of everything in life, except eating.

Female MagForWomen magazine cites other signs:

  • you constantly need psychological support;
  • you take too much for flirting;
  • you are sexually aggressive;
  • you are jealous because of the fear of losing a man;
  • you are afraid to be alone;
  • you attract older men.

A short exponential story

On the last point, I know. All my life, even as a child, I fell in love with platonic older, mature in experience or creatively held (although the actual relationship has always evolved only with people of my age group). But there are girls who benefit from the huge use their interest in older men. One of the most famous is the former wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, 47-year-old Wendi Deng. American tabloids spread version is now that she is in a serious relationship with Vladimir Putin, with whom they share a friendship with Abramovich. Thus Wendy won the race romantic arms of his former 84-year-old husband, who had just walked down the aisle with Jerry Hall, former supermodel, and his girlfriend of Mick Jagger (say Mika this news upset). Wendy’s Romantic career began was brightly. She grew up in a poor family in China; about her father is only known that he was a worker in the factory. In China, she met 50-year-old American engineer, who called the young Wendy in California learn English language; where it took the engineer's wife warmly, almost as their own, and even lodged in the same room with her little daughter. Evil tongues chatter that soon the wife of ousted Engineer of the house together with his Chinese protégés. Although the engineer had married a rising star of the East, her interest in him was short-lived. Wendy went to accompany the then-married Rupert Murdoch on a business trip and soon married the media mogul is already diluted. Today, after breaking up with him, Wendy's also not poor. Remember who was her father? That's right, the poor factory workers.