Be my friend

11/20/2016 - 20:50
Be my friend

We are about to fly to Mars, but still arguing whether the woman be friends with a man. Jennifer Katchinsky sure that it is possible - if you are honest with yourself. It is worth the quality in any way there is a friendship between a man and a woman, or in this case always was involved the sexual attraction? Will introduce ate both sexes are not tried to argue on this subject, and even in the biggest tribute to the friendship - the TV series "Friends" - between the characters and then slips a romantic interest or not at all tied family relations. Agree, it happens in friendly company. But this does not prove that any friendship should develop into something more. And if today we have something to discuss, it is still some two hundred years ago, such a relationship between two beings of different sexes, in principle, would have been unthinkable, with rare exceptions - we were too far from each other on the social ladder. Today, women can vote, they can decide which university to act (or not act at all), what profession to choose, whom to marry (or not go at all), when to have children (or not give birth at all). But before that, for centuries, we could be perhaps that nice girlfriend who climbs strictly not recommended in men's case. For centuries, we were told that a woman cannot make a career in science or politics, cannot be smart and beautiful at the same time, cannot combine the role of a good mother and a successful manager cannot be in friendship with men.


Fortunately, at some point we want to have rights, which are known, come with responsibilities. So, the woman received something like an unwritten rule to be friends with a man - sooner, then we go to the bar and it was impossible not to discuss the fact that the global economy at the table "with adults."Now everything is possible, what we can afford - we are not society. The taboo on friendship, men and women is growing at SMOs sown stereotypes. Many of us in childhood as it was programmed to be friends with the girls, beware of the boys, while looking out for each cute members of the opposite sex mate. From plants to give difficult, but remember at least one example of great and pure friendship - Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. For nineteen years, they support each other no less than once on the nose of "Titanic", with no hint of sex. If as a child you were friends with the boys, who always went for a walk to where adults are not allowed if built three houses, catching lizards and climbed over fences, why this friendship cannot continue into adulthood?

After all, it Is quiet useful!

Man-friend – is the guide to the world of men, it will help a lot to understand and does not spoil the nerves and the relationship of excessive suspiciousness. He will make an honest compliment and give you a love of a friend to seek the hidden meaning where it is not, it will choose auto repair or laptop (there are girls who are versed in the technique is not worse, but let's be honest: there is still less). Talking about business or relationships, if you get enough sleep before another exploded constructor, and it helps to outline a plan to build from this set of car, home, business ... More guys often are strikingly sober look at things, not always sober. And a special thank you for what they teach us not to spoil the whiskey cola. Every friendship is like a journey is a way of thinking and broadens horizons. With a man we go to wherever would not dare with the girls. And it does not mean that one best friend: we just look at things from different angles, and the interaction helps to create a complete picture. We complement each other. Psychologist Natalia Averin said: "You can be friends with a man, if you know exactly what you want from a relationship, and not drive them into a trap. Many girls tend to love all the time to wait. If there is a man in your life, they begin to get used to it, and then there is hope that one day he would reconsider his feelings. The man believes that the friendly relations in the pair.