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How To Start a New Relationship

How to start a new relationship after a breakup?

We all need a short period of "mourning". After all, however much we stayed with this or that person, but we had "invested" - invested in him their strength, time, tried to do something for him. And suddenly all this is gone. We need time to come to terms with the loss. After all, at the very moment of parting and even a little bit afterward, we do not think how to start a relationship. On the contrary, we are so obsessed with leaving the relationship, we think only about them. And even more than that - remember only good things!

Communication fills the void

At first, of course, there will be tears and memories of pleasant romantic moments. Look for a couple of "experienced" - the romance in their relationship, of course, it is present, but not to the extent that, as you, now appears in your relationship. Knicks and surprises, tenderness and adoration - all this, of course, is and will be in each pair. But because they are "little things" that are only a small part of something bigger.

Relationship - joint interests.

So simple and easy to cope with the feeling that "it is better that man in your life will not be one," it helps communication. This does not mean that you will walk the streets with a "hungry" look lonely girl. Starting a new relationship is not necessarily (especially right after the breakup), but after a short period spent "with itself", though the time has come to go to the people. Communicate in random chat, play, and enjoy a society. And that was no bad thoughts about "Behold, I have now again the head of relations with the wrong man," do not stay with a person for starting a new relationship. Find a company that fits your needs in terms of education, interests, and hobbies. Get a new hobby, or go on courses. If you are addicted photo or design, you probably are going to have to go out, go to exhibitions and presentations, visit galleries or just look for interesting places for inspiration. After a short time you can even change the scope of activities. Acquired skills in any field will give you the opportunity to feel desired, and even (under certain successes in it) - was held. A self-sufficient person does not make sense fiercely want to replace the old relations.

"Hook" for which we cling to the former

Well, when the relationship ends badly some people want to know how to start a healthy relationship. It sounds absurd, but tries to understand that it is better not to be "friends" when parting. After all, after you will want to return to some important points in your overall life. Friends? Well, they will understand why you no longer go with them in the bowling or pool. But relations with the "former" cannot be. Even if you work in one area, sooner or later, in a joint case (or, God forbid, business) problems begin. How often the words "let's stay friends" hiding something else! We want to avoid being thrown sharply, the former want to be released gradually ... But even if we establish friendly, it was a friendly relationship; they certainly will be "with bitterness," or something. With the unique taste of the bitterness that may appeal only avowed masochist (and masochist).In addition, it is likely that sometime after the separation you find inner willingness for a new relationship, and you will torment the question of how they start, without destroying formed friendship. Or vice versa, if your ex starting a relationship, and you will be where it should be - on the second or even third roles.

Meet and fix your mistakes

Before starting over in a relationship after breaking up, it is useful to analyze how you are brought to the final stage of your previous relationship. It is not only in it, but even if the man really is that - in you to choose exactly the brat and bastard. If you do not deal with the in-depth analysis of the causes and consequences of yourself - get a good, but not the too close friend or a friend of. Women having fun love to chew the fat "of his, on the maiden," and you get a pretty listener and an independent expert. If a friend is not present and is not expected - do not skimp on consulting a psychologist or psychotherapist. These people, on the one hand, are not required to express his personal opinion, and on the other - forced by virtue of their duties not only to listen to the client but gently, gradually push it to some thoughts and conclusions about him. So you get a double benefit - you will have an opinion about itself, the most comfortable for you and at the same time - a place to start. In addition, when working with a professional, you will be able to adjust those particular relationships that are inherently destructive to them. But to you they are accustomed - they are part of your life, and only a stranger, who has a different relationship experience and examples, can push you to think that you will know how to start a relationship with a girl and change yourself.